1985 Toyota 4Runner Windshield Trim Replacement

After having repeated problems with leaking around my windshield seal, the last straw came when half the trim on one side of the truck blew off going down the freeway! So, rather than replace the poorly fitting stock s/s trim, I decided it was time to replace it and fix the leaks for good.

Once the trim was off, the cause of the leaking was apparent. Even though it was "professionally" resealed a few years back, it was easy to see where the glass had broken the seal with the polyurethane adhesive. I assume this is due to the body twisting and flexing off-road and pulling away from the rigid glass. The plan was to fix the rust unser the old trim, then fill the gap with a non-hardening sealant then cover the sealant with vinyl to keep the sun off it.

On to the repair...

  After removing the remnants of trim (held on w/ plastic clips), the groove was sanded to bare metal, treated w/ POR-15 Metal Ready prep, primer and Chassis Black top coat to kill the rust.  The stock trim traps water underneath and the clips scratch the paint giving a place for rust to get a foot hold. After treating the metal, a length fof 1/2 Since the butyl rubber does not harden and is probably not UV resistant, 3 pieces of black vinyl baseboard trim (again from the local hardware store - you know the stuff you put at the bottom of the wall to cover the gap in the corner) were cut to cover the soft rubber.  The vinyl comes in like 4 The vinyl trim is glued down to the glass and sheet metal and taped while the adhesive cures. Once the glued cured, the tape was removed and the finished product looks pretty good.  And in 4 winters worth of rain, I have yet to see a drop of water get around the glass, so I think the leaks are a thing of the past!  

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