AutoCAD File Formats

AutoCAD File Formats:

Here's some pointers to on-line documentation of various Autodesk file formats. If, during your surfing, you run across others, please let me know about them.

Pixmap (a.k.a. AutoCAD icon files):

AutoCAD makes use of a standard X bitmap format for colored icons. The .xpm file extension refers to X PixMap.

* You'll need the Web Installation tools (tardist) to install this software.

HP/GL Files:

AutoCAD can generate HP/GL (plotter) files via the _PLOT command if you are using an HP/GL plotter driver and plot to a file. There are a number of public-domain HP/GL utilities that allow you to view, print and import HP/GL data back into AutoCAD.

File Compatibility:

Most of your AutoCAD files are compatible between all supported AutoCAD platforms.

File Type
DWG Drawing files
DXF Drawing Exchange Format files
3DS 3D Studio files
SAT ACIS Solid Model files
MNU,X Menu files
MNL Menu Lisp files
DCL Dialog Control Language
SHP,X Shape/font files
PFB PostScript Font Outline files
PFM PostScript Font Metric files
TTF True Type Font files
LSP AutoLISP Files
AHP Help
SLD Slide
SLB Slide Library
PLT Plot files
PAT Fill Pattern files
LIN Line Pattern files
DCT Spelling Dictionary files
C ADS C language source files
CC ARX C++ language source files

Table: Compatible AutoCAD file types.

Any of these files may be freely exchanged between platforms with no conversion. About the only files not directly compatible are executable files. ADS and ARX programs will need to be re-compiled for IRIX.

Tips for inter-platform file exchange:

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