ASUS AIO P1801 PC/Tablet / ..

Here is some information on my ASUS AIO P1801 PC/Tablet that I recently acquired for use as a media PC replacing TV and DirecTV set top box.

  This is the back of my ASUS AIO P1801-B054k model PC removed.  You'll note the tweezers in the middle that are used to release the center clip that holds the back in place.  Then I used a blank PC card filler to gently pry along the edgess of the beack to release all the clips around the edge. This is a closer shot of the back with the Left speaker and base removed to allow access to the screws that hold the back metal cover in place.  Also note the small cover over the little PCI-Express slot which has some small card installed.  Not sure what that is for, has a white wire labelled Main that goes into the main chassis and a black wire labelled Aux that runs to a small black module in the far corner. This is a close up showing the memory slot (I added an 8GB DDR3 laptop SO-DIMM to bring the total RAM to 12GB).  Also visible is the small plug-in card and the impressive copper heat pipe cooling system on the CPU (mine is Core i3-3220), and a few of the other components. Avermedia A321 hybrid ATSC tuner card kit and F-type RF connector Closeup shot of the A321 PCIe mini-card  

  Card installs on top of the wireless/bluetooth card with the supplied screws Install an F-type chassis mount connector to the sheet metal cover first, hard to get the retaining nut on from below.  Also, I slipped a ring terminal connector on under that nut. After installing the RF connector, solder on the center of the supplied coax cable to the center terminal of the RF connector and then added a short length of bare wire soldered to the coax shield and the ring terminal I added earlier. And drill out the marked hole in the back of the plastic case, a 1/2 This is the front side of the P1801 motherboard  

  This is the back side of the P1801 motherboard  

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