Miscellaneous lighting upgrades / ..

Below are a few miscellaneous lighting upgrades I have done to my 4Runner. These include lower power and brighter LED interior lights, colored brake and turn signal bulbs to help with faded tail light lenses and also a better backup light.

  To improve the light out of the stock dome light, I first tried painting the reflector w/ shiny silver paint. help a little but not enough to help. Adding a 1 watt Luxeon LED to the stock dome light involves removing the metal After installing the 30mm festoon type 1 watt LED (from http://www.taskled.com), the light output is awesome. One issue with the older Toyotas is the fading tail light lens, typically the red plastic fades to orange over time.  My lens is fairly new but starting to show a little fading.  Hard to see in this photo but in person you can see it. But once you turn on the lights, all is well.  How is that?  Simple, install a red colored brake light bulb.  Do the same for the turn signal with an amber bulb.  

  Here is the light output from the 30 LED narrow beam backup lights.  Very nice improvement over stock, especially with the built-in focusing of the LED bulb.  I found the factory  

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