Here is a brief overview of some tips for using Note that some countries may not allow this type of payment method, (India, Taiwan and Singapore are some we know of). If you fall into that situation, some folks have opened separate accounts with a credit card from another country and use that for such payments. And you are always welcome to use the good old fashined snail-mail discount ordering process, send us a money order (in US funds) for the parts+shipping toal and we'll be happy tpo process the order that way. Or you can send funds to "" in the regular fashion, although you'll need a Paypal account for this. go up one level / ..

  Here is the first screen you'll see at, be sure to select [I'm sending money to family or friends], then click the [Continue] button You can enter the e-mail address for the discount:, then click Nect You can enter the parts-discount+shipping total in the amount box.  Make sure USD is selected, no need to fill in the description box.  Then click continue and select a funds source, either Paypal balance, credit/debit card or bank account/e-check.  If there's a fee associated with the funding source, you'll elect to pay that.  

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