Personal Resumé of Roger C. Brown, P.E.

Resumé of: Roger C. Brown, P.E.

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P.O. Box 61092
Sunnyvale CA. 94088-1092
Phone: +1.408.564.0800
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Currently: Retired. To be associated with a quality-oriented organization that offers a strong career path based on experience, attitude and motivation. To work as a senior architect/engineer developing solutions which integrate computing, the Internet, 3D graphics, audio, and video technology into interactive applications and tools.
Special Interests:
The Internet, computer graphics and animation (2D/3D), computer-aided design, 3D Printing, Home Automation, solar, user interfaces, software engineering, and simulation.


8/2001-12/2024, President at Visual Diagnostics, LLC, Santa Clara CA.
Mechanical design and prototyping, web page development, and software consulting,
4/1990 - 8/2001, Member of Technical Staff at Silicon Graphics, Inc., Mountain View, CA.
Performance Engineering: Lead engineer in SGI's Intel-certified Applications Solution Center, responsible for leading ISV porting and tuning visits on Intel-architecture platforms, under Windows NT/2000/XP (Workstation and Server) as well as Linux operating systems on both IA-32 and IA-64 systems. Extensive work with performance analysis tools including VTune, Quantify, PerfMon, OGLdebug, pTrace and other WIN32 SDK tools. Average load was 2 ISV visits per month and average application speedup is 300%. Design, deploy, troubleshoot and tune Beowulf clusters (to 32 nodes) with ethernet and Myrinet, using MPI and OpenMP on Linux. Developed and maintained web site for tracking ISV application status and machine resources. Technical support for numerous shows including , Intel Developer Forum, Supercomputing and Linux World.
Applications Consulting: Responsible for software development and technical support of third-party applications software developers. Actively involved in developing and porting applications software in C and C++ for the Unix, Motif, X11, GL, and network programming environments. Design, develop, produce, and support end-user/developer tools for the AutoCAD Bonus Pack CD and Web page. Managed 5 person development & Q/A team for major CAD application port, including Oracle/Informix and Sybase database clients. Develop and maintain AutoCAD display, rendering, hardcopy and digitizer drivers for SGI platforms. Optimized Ithaca Software HOOPS / /HeiDI graphics driver for OpenGL resulting in up to 10x performance gain. Developed DXF file reader/viewer as well as OpenInventor/VRML file translator/export utilities for DXF and 3DStudio file formats.
Personal Systems Division: Developed the device-dependent layer of OpenGL to Windows NT, including the TK user-interface library. Developed GL display drivers and 3D file viewers for major CAD packages. Managed driver/developer/dealer support group for IRISVision PC graphics board product line.
2/1987 - 4/1990, Senior Engineer at Western Digital - Imaging, Mountain View, CA.
Responsible for 3rd party and OEM software support. In charge of graphics controller device driver development, including hardware accelerated device drivers for AutoCAD, DRI-GEM/Ventura Publisher, and Windows (3.x) environments supporting the IBM-8514/A and Intel-82786 graphics accelerators. Extensive work with WYSIWYG bitmap font manipulation and other BitBLT operations. Developed numerous BIOS level debugging tools, including video, keyboard and mouse instrumentation utilities.
11/1984 - 2/1987, Senior Applications Engineer at Vermont Microsystems, Inc., Winooski, VT.
Responsible for technical support of the IBM PGA-compatible graphics accelerator product line. Developed hardware-accelerated device drivers for Hitachi GM-1000, P-CAD, and AutoCAD.
3/1983-11/1984, Senior Design Engineer at ISI International, Sunnyvale, CA.
Responsible for design of ECC-DRAM memory sub-systems and STD-bus I/O cards. Wrote technical manuals for various products. Provided pre- and post-sales technical support. Developed MIL-STD MTBF calculation program.
8/1979 - 3/1983, Electronics Engineer at NASA - Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA.
Responsible for design of computer based control and monitoring systems for several large wind tunnels. Project manager for the 12' wind tunnel drive motor work package. Designed the Laser Velocimeter Stand-Alone Controller for the 40' x 80' Wind Tunnel.


1986, Northeastern University , Boston, MA.
Member of Faculty, developed and taught evening courses in CAD/CAM and Digital Communication
1985, Microwave Training Institute, Mountain View, CA.
Member of Faculty, developed and taught evening courses in digital electronics, analog electronics and digital logic.
1984, Professional Engineering Institute, Belmont, CA.
Member of Faculty, developed and taught Electrical Engineering licensing exam review course.


Master of Science:
Systems Management/Human Factors; University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.; 1982
Bachelor of Science:
Electrical Engineering; Washington State University; Pullman, WA.; 1979, GPA: 3.7


Registered Electrical Engineer:


Member since 1979.
Computer Graphics Society member.
Boy Scouts of America:
Eagle Scout - Silver Palm
Order of the Arrow - Brotherhood - Wawookia Lodge


TLCA - Toyota Trails magazine - Truck Tech column, bi-monthly since 1/2004.
Paper presented at 26th International Instrument Society International Instrument Symposium, 1981, entitled "Laser Velocimeter Stand-Alone Controller".
- Same paper presented at International Instrument Society Fall 1981 Symposium.


Broad-based software, hardware and electrical engineering background. Extensive experience in cross-platform development, 3D graphics, user interface, and device drivers.
CGI, Java
Assembly (MIPS, IA-32 and IA-64)
Operating Systems:
IRIX (SVR4 Unix)
Linux (IA-32, IA-64, Redhat & Turbo Linux)
Windows NT/2000/XP
DOS (Real and protected mode)


Furnished upon request.

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