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Space Efficiency.

Volkswagen Pickup Truck's cargo bed can handle bulky loads with ease.
How does the Volkswagen do it? Your answer is under the hood. The engine is mounted transversely. Together with space-saving front wheel drive means more room for driver and passenger in the cab of the Pickup Truck. And a longer bed in back.
VW engineers and designers scored a breakthrough with our Pickup Truck. Comfortable, even luxurious. Plus the right size for the loads you carry.
Built like a truck...
but drives like something else!

Fuel Efficiency.

Volkswagen engineers have innovated time and again with lightweight, highly reliable powerplants.
The optional high-speed 1.6 liter Diesel engine combines snappy performance with surprisingly low maintenance requirements. And for those who prefer it, there is out powerful time-tested 1.7 liter fuel-injected gasoline engine. Ask you VW salesperson to show you a copy of the 1981 EPA Mileage Guide.
Computer-assisted design adds strength without adding weight. Result: VW Pickup Truck reflects an outstanding combination of performance and strength.
Built like a truck...
but drives like something else!

Passive Safety.

Volkswagen has long been a leader in developing passive safety technology to protect both driver and passenger. From occupant restraints to impact-dissipating structures and interiors that help reduce injuries.
Unique among pickups in its class, the VW Pickup Truck provides a unitized cab-and-cargo-bed structure. This VW innovation enhances the vehicles good looks, and add strength without adding unwanted weight. It is strong, tight, and tough.
As a knowledgeable trucker you will perceive VW Pickup Trucks many passive safety features. Slip behind the wheel and test-drive our pickup. You'll sense that it is built to do the job and give you peace-of-mind features best appreciated on the road.
Built like a truck...
but drives like something else!

Space Fuel Safety
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