Active Safety.

VW Pickup Truck's active safety features help make you a better more "in control" driver. Like visibility all around. Comfortable, anatomically designed bucket seats. And front wheel drive to give you the handling and directional control to help you be a more responsive driver.
Test-drive VW Pickup Truck and see for yourself. You'll experience the pleasant feeling or being more confident and "in control" than you ever thought you could be behind the wheel of a pickup.
With so many advanced engineering features, is it any wonder that a growing number of knowledgeable truck enthusiasts are opting for VW Pickup Truck?
Built like a truck...
but drives like something else!

Human Engineering.

Many car makers talks about human engineering. Few pursue it with the resources and dedication of Volkswagen
Ergonomics - the design practice of making a vehicle fir you better - has been refined by VW to make it possible for people of different heights to drive the same VW Pickup Truck in comfort.
Human engineering in the VW Pickup Truck has been refined down tot the smallest detail. The smooth operation of switches; the logical placement of instruments and warning lights; and the ease of clutch, brake and gearshift operation.
All this makes VW Pickup Truck an outstanding choice.
Built like a truck...
but drives like something else!

Total Performance.

In your new Pickup Truck, total performance means many things. From exhilarating handling delivered by the four-wheel independent drive.
Total performance also means high standards of product quality. Quality you can see and feel in its luxurious finish and materials.
In the final analysis, quality cannot be improvised it must be designed in from the beginning. When you seek a pickup with crisp handling and outstanding styling, capable of total performance, test drive the VW Pickup. You'll experience total satisfaction.
Built like a truck...
but drives like something else!


Engineering Performance

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