White Pickup Truck
1981 VW Pickup Truck in Cashmere White, with Midnight Blue leatherette interior.

VW Pickup Truck
Built like a truck,
it handles like a
sports car.

If you think a truck has to handle like a truck, think again. Our pickup handles more like a front wheel drive sports car. Slip behind the wheel and see for yourself.
The powerful 1.7 liter fuel injected gasoline engine with standard four speed transmission moves from 0 to 50 mpg is just 9.7 seconds. And the optional 1.6 liter Diesel engine is close behind.
As you take the curves, you can feel the traction enhanced by the weight of the engine mounted transversely between the front wheels. In front, the independent suspension smoothly absorbs the unevenness in the road. And the heavy-duty rear suspension takes the tension out of hauling over 1100 pounds of just about anything. Steering is precise and quick because it's Volkswagen's tried and true rack and pinion system.

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