Hauls everything...
It carries just about everything you need to carry - whenever you need to carry it. Sliding rear window, optional

And when it comes to carrying, this is your kind of vehicle. The bed is a full six feet long, over 51 inches wide inside (maximum) and has durable double-wall construction. So if something you're carrying makes a dent inside, it will not how on the outside. And throughout, the body is fully unitized for strength and quiet ride.
For easy loading and unloading, the tailgate opens and closes with only one hand. And when you need to, you can remove the tailgate without using tools. And put it back on just as easily.

The standard powerplant for out pickup is a rugged 1.7 liter OHC engine with CIS fuel injection for easy all-weather starting. Four on the floor is standard, and a 5-speed transmission is also available. As an option, you can choose reliable VW Diesel power. Whichever combination you choose, you can be sure your VW Pickup Truck will be highly fuel efficient (Gasoline - 23 estimated mpg, 32 estimated highway mpg; Diesel -- 39 estimated mpg, 48 estimated highway mpg).

Built like a truck... but drives like something else!

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