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HiLift Jack Mount

for 1984-1989 4Runner/Hilux Surf

will also fit later model 4Runners that have retro-fitted 1st gen. roll bars


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An easy, no-tools-required Hi-Lift jack mount for the 1st generation (1984-1989) Toyota 4Runner is now available from 4Crawler Offroad Products! The mount kit is used to attach the jack to the factory roll bar using all existing threaded holes. It screws into the factory rear shoulder belt mounting hole, either the upper or lower hole. The upper hole will fit both the 48" and 60" HiLift jacks, the lower hole will likely only fit the 48" jack, be sure to measure the space available in your vehicle. If you have rear factory shoulder belts, you can still this mount, be sure to order the extra long stud version below.

HiLift Mount Kit HiLift Jack secured HiLift jack base
A: HiLift Jack Mount Kit B: HiLift jack installed C: HiLift Jack Base

This Hi-Lift jack mount kit uses a simple one-piece bracket. The bracket screws into the factory threaded hole in the roll bar and provides proper clearance to separate the jack from the roll bar so it does not rattle. Finally it provides a tool-free way (A) to attach and remove the roll bar. When mounted, the jack takes advantage of normally unused space in the back of the 4Runner (B). Since the base of the jack is behind the wheel well an the beam is up along the roll bar, little useable foor space is taken up by the jack. It can easily be removed or replaced even with the bed full of cargo. The jack is held securely (C) so it does not rattle or move around while driving. The threaded studs are made of 150,000 psi alloy steel and should hold the jack secure even in a 100+g impact. For added security, a strap could be attached around the jack base to one of the factory bed tie-down points, if present. Stud is sized to fit the 7/16NF factory threaded hole in the roll bar, if your vehicle has a different size thread, please let us know prior to ordering.

The mount kit will work with the 48" and 60" HiLift style jacks and also any of the Hi-Lift "clones" as long as the holes in the jack beam are at least 1/2" ID. Access to either side storage compartment is still possible with the jack in place. And the jack may be stored on either side of the vehicle.

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On-line Ordering:

The Hi-Lift jack mount kit is US$19.50/ea. or extra long stud version $22.50 (for use with attached shoulder belts), plus shipping ($4.95 US and $35.95 international)

Hi-Lift Jack Mount for US Delivery Hi-Lift Jack Mount for International Delivery
~~~~ ~~~~

Extra Long Stud Hi-Lift Jack Mount for US Delivery Extra Long Stud Hi-Lift Jack Mount for International Delivery

Kits are built to order, so allow a few days to a week for fabrication. Shipping runs 2-3 days typical for US deliveries and 6-10 days typical for international shipments.

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Installation Notes:

Installtion of the mount kit and jack is quite straight forward:

Installing the mount kit Mouting the jack Proper jack position
A: Installing the mount kit B: Mount the jack C: Ensure proper jack position
Tighten wing nut and strap HiLift jack base .
D: Tighten wing nut and strap E: HiLift Jack Base placement .

If you have rear passengers in the truck, you might consider slipping a length of foam pipe insulation over the end of the jack to keep passengers from accidentally bumping their heads on the jack.

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