Project: 4Crawler

Project: 4Crawler - My Weekend Toy(ota, that is)

Soup Bowl - Rubicon Bash '01 - Photo courtesy Dave Quezada
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The Golden Crack
WildYoats in Moab, 2001
4Runner Parking Only Big Sluice - Rubicon Bash '01 - Photo courtesy Eric Bibelheimer
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Dropping into the Big Sluice
Rubicon Bash, 2001

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Life is good no matter what, after your lowest low is your Marlin Crawler!
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In case you think I'm prejudiced about Toyota 4x4s, I'm not.
After all a Jeep can go everywhere a Toyota does, just take a look at this!
So why did I buy this particular vehicle?
I wasn't really looking for a 4WD vehicle, but I knew I wanted to do something to keep from beating up my little VW pickup in the desert and mountains on roads I probably shouldn't be on in the first place. I like to get away from it all. My typical vacation trips have lots of highway driving in between sections of rugged terrain that I want to visit. They are usually multi-day to multi-week trips and I try to be self-sufficient for most of that, meaning I carry gear, food, water, etc. to spend days away from developed areas. Since I often arrive at my destination late at night, the ability to sleep in the vehicle is desirable to avoid setting up a tent.
A co-worker was selling an '86 4Runner (IFS) and that sparked my interest. I'd ridden in it a few times and was impressed with the vehicle. I researched the early 4Runner models and liked what I found, but also got interested in the '85 model (solid axle). The '86 was snapped up by an eager buyer, so I resigned myself to dreaming of an '85. A few weeks later, the co-worker informed me of an '85 4Runner being sold by an acquaintance. I rushed down and snapped it up right away.
The '85 model is the last one to feature solid axles and leaf springs front and rear. It is also the first model to feature the fuel injected engine (22-RE) which has fair power, good mileage and no carburetor to flood on steep hills. It has the fiberglass shell on back to allow lots of enclosed cargo room. Its got a medium wheelbase and track so its both stable on long highway drives, yet able to maneuver on tight off-road tracks. There is a pretty good aftermarket parts industry following for Toyota, unlike most of the other import brands. I liked my old Land Cruiser and here I could get a smog-legal equivalent.
This vehicle is not for every one, its rough riding, access to the rear seats is difficult and its underpowered for towing. For me, its not my daily driver, so I can optimize it towards trail use, while keeping it street worthy. I rarely travel with more than 2 people and often alone, so the rear seats are usually folded down. I never tow anything and I find the power adequate for my purposes.
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